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Blood Song (A Raven's Shadow Novel) Book Cover Blood Song (A Raven's Shadow Novel)
Anthony Ryan

"Vaelin Al Sorna was only a child of ten when his father left him at the iron gate of the Sixth Order. The Brothers of the Sixth Order are devoted to battle, and Vaelin will be trained and hardened to the austere, celibate, and dangerous life of a Warrior of the Faith. Vaelin Al Sorna is destined for a future he has yet to comprehend. A future that will alter not only the realm, but the world."

From Drew's review: Let’s face it, magic schools where callow youth learn to be wizards and accidentally end up saving the world a few times are the bacon of fantasy literature – delicious but overused. We’ve Potter’d around Hogwarts, can Kwothe the University’s motto by heart, and have sampled the Coldwater showers at Brakebills Academy just to name a few. We’ve studied up on potions, rituals, inner powers, and more ‘mancies and ‘turgies than we can shake a wand at. It’s getting as old as a dusty parchment on a forgotten library shelf. We’re tired of waving our hands about in complicated, magical gestures. We need to shake things up.