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Alias Hook Book Cover Alias Hook
Lisa Jensen

"Reimagines the life of J. M. Barrie's infamous one-handed pirate from Hook's own perspective, describing how his existence as a farcical villain cursed to fight a pack of malicious boys is transformed when a forbidden grown woman dreams her way to Neverland."

From Michelle's post: Hook’s first person narration is the standout here, but his isn’t the only compelling character: Stella is right up there, and for me so was Jesse, one of Hook’s doomed crew members. Another appealing aspect of the novel is Jensen’s spin on the island’s inhabitants–the mermaids, the fairies, the Indian tribe. They are both familiar and not, and if Jensen wanted to write novels focusing on each faction found in the Neverland, well, you’d hear not a single word of complaint from me. Bring on the full-fledged origin stories, I say!

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