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The Devil's Cormorant: A Natural History Book Cover The Devil's Cormorant: A Natural History
Richard J King

"Long a symbol of gluttony, greed, bad luck, and evil, the cormorant has led a troubled existence in human history, myth, and literature. The birds have been prized as a source of mineral wealth in Peru, hunted to extinction in the Arctic, trained by the Japanese to catch fish, demonized by Milton in Paradise Lost, and reviled, despised, and exterminated by sport and commercial fishermen from Israel to Indianapolis, Toronto to Tierra del Fuego."

From Jim's post: Truth be told, The Devil’s Cormorant is more than just a natural history. It is the history of the ubiquitous cormorant and mankind’s. The book is organized by month, each month is set in a different cormorant-significant geographic location.

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