Nathalia Holt author visit

November 21, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Boston author and microbiologist Nathalia Holt will speak on her 2016 New York Times best-selling book Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us, from Missiles to the Moon to Mars; questions and a book signing will follow. Holt is also the author of Cured: How the Berlin Patients Defeated HIV and Forever Changed Medical Science (2014). Visit her online.

About the book: Rise of the Rocket Girls is the true story of a group of elite young women at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory who shared a love of math. Their work influenced military rocket design, brought us the first American satellite, shaped lunar missions, and ushered in a new era of space exploration that continues today, where some of the women still work as senior engineers directing our missions to Mars and Venus. Rise of the Rocket Girls is based on extensive research and interviews with the living members of JPL team and illuminates the role of women in science both where we’ve been and the far reaches of space to which we’re heading.
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