Emerson Baker Author Visit

October 12, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Author and Salem State University professor Emerson ‘Tad’ Baker will speak on his 2014 book A Storm of Witchcraft: The Salem Trials and the American Experience; questions and a book signing with follow. Visit him online.

About the book: Beginning in January 1692, Salem villagers suffered from unseen torments they believed were caused by invisible spirits, and soon the community began to hunt for those responsible. The resulting Salem Witch Trials – culminating in the execution of 19 villagers – persists as one of the most mysterious and fascinating events in American history. Events in Salem were ‘a perfect storm’: a unique convergence of conditions and events that produced something extraordinary throughout New England in 1692 and which has haunted us ever since. A Storm of Witchcraft shows how a range of factors set the stage for the dramatic events in Salem, looks at the key players in the outbreak, and wrestles with questions about why the tragedy unfolded as it did and why it has become an enduring legacy.