Peabody Institute Library – Mission Statement

“Education a debt due from present to future generations,” ~ George Peabody

The Peabody Institute Library of Danvers is the center of lifelong learning for everyone in the community. Our objective is to be a multi-purpose organization which will serve the community and the whole person, regardless of the individual’s beliefs or socioeconomic status. To achieve this goal, the library will:

  1. Provide residents access to a rich and varied collection of print, multimedia and electronic resources.
  2. Administer informational and recreational programs for public participation and enrichment.
  3. Facilitate resource sharing with neighboring cities and towns through an automated network and cooperative arrangements.
  4. Maintain open hours and provide remote means which will allow substantial and convenient access to the Library and its collections.
  5. Maintain and nurture a professional and dedicated staff.
  6. Maintain an archival center which collects, preserves and makes available all types of paper material relating to the history and development of Danvers.
  7. Collect and disseminate information about local programs and services.
  8. Support the Town’s schools in their educational missions.
  9. Assist other Town departments with information and referral.

Revised 4/1/14
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