Need a place to work?

In this busy day and age where it is hard to carve out time to do anything, once you’ve found the time, where do you do the “anything”? We’d like to suggest the 2nd floor of the library. We provide great spaces for students, home office alternatives, small meetings or just a place to kill a few minutes.

Need private space for meetings, tutoring sessions or just a quiet space to work?
We have two private rooms that can be reserved in advance for up to 2 hours to begin start with an option to extend for up to 4 hours total. These rooms hold either 4 or 6 people. They have tables and chairs as well as a whiteboard.

Want to spread out and don’t mind the back ground noise?
We have a couple of tables that are perfect for people who like space.

Just need a desk?
Along either side of the 2nd floor looking out at the park and the front of the library are several desks with access to power strips for charging your mobile devices.

Tired of uncomfortable wooden chairs?
Try out our comfortable seating area to the right of the elevator. Think of it as a living room in the library only with a mobile device charging station instead of a wide screen TV.

High School or Middle School Student?
We’ve even got a special space reserved just for you in our Teen Tech Center.

And of course wifi, remote printing and research assistance from our reference librarians is available to everyone.