The Longest Trip Home : a Memoir by John Grogan

longest-trip-homeJohn Grogan, the author of the very popular book Marley & Me, has written a biography centered around his dying father.  The utmost homage is paid to his dad while he regales his audience with flashbacks from his own life.  He and his siblings were subjected to a strict Catholic upbringing. Several chapters of the book are devoted to life among the nuns, the trials and tribulations of being an altar boy, and the guilt complex that plagues all parochial school attendees. Mixed in with the humor, is the reality of dealing with his mother as she ages and needs more care.  The decline of his father, the rock of his life, is even more difficult to bear.   Grogan spares nothing, detailing his rebellious teenage years, and ultimately his launch into a lucrative journalism career, where he meets the woman who will eventually become his wife.  You will laugh, you will cry, and enjoy. I did.

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