The Golden Compass ~ Philip Pullman


One day, ta and inkonvellum discovered that they were reading the same book: Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass. Several days of rather, er, interesting discussions ensued. A sample:

inkonvellum: “I don’t know if I like the bear. He’s kinda crabby.”

ta: “But he’s so cool afterwards.”

inkonvellum: “Yeah, well…”

ta: “Well I think Mrs. Coulter is one of the coolest evil characters. Ever.”

inkonvellum: “Don’t forget about the monkey! The monkey is evil.”

ta: “And he gets worse.”

inkonvellum: “He gets worse? Is that even possible?”

Further thoughts…
It’s a story about Lyra (who ta liked and inkonvellum, uh, kinda didn’t), a young girl who lives in Oxford, tells tall tales and is constantly warring with Gyptians. But then her friend Roger gets taken by the Gobblers (gasp!) and she sets off to rescue him. Along the way she meets a crabby (but later cool) armored bear, a practical aeronaut, and many others. And then there’s the Dust…But is it something to fear or something to covet? (ta knows but she won’t tell inkonvellum.)

Check this out! On the website for the movie {which will hit theaters this December}, you can find out what your daemon would be! {And after reading the novel, trust me, you’ll want to know!} Here’s the link (click on the “DAEMONS” link and then “Meet your daemon”.)

So which daemon did I, inkonvellum, get when I took the test? A snow leopard? A wolf? A Bengal tiger? Nope. A moth. But a moth with a fierce name: Leonidas!

So what is ta’s Daemon? Brynn the lion, of course.

~Staff Daemons~
kimb8’s daemon is a fox named Laefe
Charlotte’s daemon is an ocelot

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