Musketeers Week: Introducing D’Artagnan

What better way to kick-off Read This’ Musketeers week than with D’Artagnan’s introduction in Dumas’ The Three Musketeers, followed by his video intro from BBC America’s new series, The Musketeers (which, honestly, is the whole reason we’re devoting this week to the dynamic swashbuckling foursome).

Musketeers.Penguin“Don Quixote took windmills for giants and sheep for armies; d’Artagnan took every smile for an insult and every glance for a provocation. As a result of which he kept his fist clenched from Tarbes to Meung, and all in all brought his hand to the pommel of his sword ten times a day; however the fist never landed on any jaw, and the sword never left its scabbard. Not that the sight of the wretched yellow nag did not spread many smiles across the faces of passersby; but since above the nag clanked a sword of respectable size, and above this sword shone an eye more fierce than proud, the passersby restrained their hilarity, or, if hilarity won out over prudence, they tried at least to laugh on one side only, like antique masques. D’Artagnan thus remained majestic and intact in his susceptibility until that unfortunate town of Meung.” -Alexandre Dumas

Surely, after reading that introduction, you want to meet the others as Dumas himself presented them. Check the NOBLE catalog for The Three Musketeers, no doubt we’ve got you covered.

BBC America has additional character introductions–Athos, Porthos and Aramis (as well as the Cardinal, etc., etc.)–here. Do you have a favorite Musketeer? Let us know in the comments!

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