Patron Review: The Heiresses – Sara Shepard

heiressesReviewed by Kim

I picked this up thinking it was going to be a grown-up version of Pretty Little Liars with unlikable characters, name brand dropping in every sentence, and a ludicrous plot that drags on forever. I know. You’re probably wondering why I tried it to begin with. Well I must admit to a a secret obsession with the PLLs tv series which is actually much better than the books. That and I was curious and figured what the heck? It’s just over 300 pages so I really wouldn’t be wasting much of my time. I actually found it to be pretty good. The story centers around the Saybrook family and in particular the heiress granddaughters. The Saybrooks have built a diamond empire from some stones found by the patriarch of the family right after WWII ended. Unfortunately with great wealth comes “the curse”. Untimely deaths, scandals, etc. This part actually reminded me a little of the Kennedy’s. Now someone’s notched things up even farther and it is soon apparent that this mystery figure is out to kill the heiresses one by one. I would call this another good beach read. It took me one day to read it, I liked most of the characters, and the plot kept you guessing. I’m hoping there is a sequel because there were some questions left unanswered, and it had quite the cliffhanger ending. I would recommend this to fans of light, mystery/suspense books.

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