Staff Review: Touch & Go – Lisa Gardner

touch_goReviewed by Linda

Touch & Go is a quick read suspense thriller without a lot of murder and blood. It involves a wealthy Boston family of three who have been kidnapped and hidden in the woods of northern New England. The husband is talented in the fields of technology, design and construction. The mother was a designer who gave up her career to be home for the fifteen year old daughter. When the family is kidnapped all their electronic devices are left in a pile by the kidnappers and pieces of bright green Taser confetti liter the foyer. The kidnappers are a surprising mix but are capable of carrying through orders quite well.

The husband’s company hires, Tessa Leoni, a private investigator. Tessa pays attention to detail and knows all the right questions to ask as how to listen. She begins working with a law officer from northern New England unravelling the most unusual kidnapping based on greed and dishonesty. The ending is quite surprising and rewarding.

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