Staff Review: The J.M. Barrie Ladies’ Swimming Society – Barbara J. Zitwer

JM Barrie'sReviewed by Linda

Joey Rubin, a single woman working as an architect in Manhattan is given a chance to prove her skills by overseeing the restoration of the Stanway House in the Cotswold’s of England.  This is the home that inspired the story Peter Pan, Joey’s favorite book.  While in England Joey reconnects with her childhood friend and finds new friends, a group of elderly women who swim in their own private Neverland pond all year regardless of the weather.  They convince Joey to join them for a swim in the ice covered pond even though she thinks they are mad.  Through their stories and adventures Joey learns a lot about life while creating a bond that changes her forever.  Her work gives her the opportunity to meet a widower and his daughter.  A tragic accident to the daughter brings gives another lesson about happiness.

This is the first novel for Barbara Zitwer and is an easy read with good descriptions and clarity.

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