Public Radio: Behind the Voices by Lisa A. Phillips

publicradio.gifI don’t know when NPR started to takeover, but it seems to be always on at my house. This book profiles a number of NPR newscasters including some of my favorites like Scott Simon and Nina Totenberg. Phillips explores how veteran NPR personalities ended up in radio and the reader gets a sense of what NPR was like in its early days. Bob Edwards claims to have had a brief fling with Nina Totenberg and recalls how difficult it was to keep up with who was dating who. It’s interesting to see how NPR journalists live with their gruelling schedules and still manage to have families. It’s also surprising how many of them don’t have college degrees. If you listen to public radio you will want to read this, even if you only read about your favorites.

2 thoughts on “Public Radio: Behind the Voices by Lisa A. Phillips

  1. NPR is my usual connection to the outside world, and I follow up on stories on-line as well. Often, right in the middle of an interesting program, I arrive at my destination and sit in the car listening for as long as possible.

    I’m trying for more non-fiction this year and need to keep this book in mind. Thanks-

  2. Great! I just stumbled on this and had to see what everyone looked like. I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction at night after my baby wakes up and I can’t get back to sleep. Not that it’s less interesting, but it’s easier to put down after I start to get tired!

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