Lake of Sorrows by Erin Hart

sorrows.gifErin Hart’s second book the award winning Lake of Sorrows is equally as satisfying as her first. The story brings us back to the unique setting of the Irish bogs. Once again an ancient body has been discovered this time by local peat workers. He appears to have fallen victim of a sacrificial death. Evidence also shows that a kind of barbaric ritual called the “triple death’ was used. As in her first book a more current body, that of a man, has been discovered nearby. Mysteriously there are clues that this same method was used in his possible murder. Along with our main characters Hart has created a host of new and interesting personalities including archeologist Ursylla Downes, a tough man-eating, back stabbing archeologist (can you believe it?) and peat bog worker Charlie Brazil who has a secret obsession with bees and other oddities. There is a lot going on in this second book and a more dangerous role for Nora. Some new themes have been introduced as well, ancient treasure, family revenge and yes a torrid love affair.

Supposedly Erin Hart will wrap this story up in her third and final book. It’s a little too soon to be putting these characters to rest if you ask me. Never the less I am looking forward to it.

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