American Gods – Neil Gaiman

gods.gifOk, so this is one of inkonvellum’s favorite books, so how can I begin to review it?  Gaiman’s premise that immigrants to America bring their gods with them was quite interesting. He also deals with the psychology of gods – their need to be worshiped and what they do to survive in the changing face of America where new gods (TV, internet, malls) are replacing them.  Gaiman writes rich characters and the ending is just as clever as one would hope.

For help with all the mythological references, check out this page on Wikipedia.

One thought on “American Gods – Neil Gaiman

  1. It is indeed one of my favorite books. Ever. I totally bow down before Neil Gaiman’s genius. ~See now why ta might have had a hard time reviewing this one? 🙂

    But, seriously, this is just a really wonderful novel. Intricate, clever, and filled with characters that linger with the reader long after the reading is done. Check it out!

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