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I was lucky to attend the recent American Library Association Conference in Washington, DC where the wonderful folks from HarperCollins treated us to a “Book Buzz” presentation of books that will be coming out in the fall. Here are just a few so you can add them to your own TBR list! I certainly added quite a few to mine.

Stiltsville – Susanna Daniel

I don’t think I can recapture the enthusiasm that Virginia Stanley from HarperCollins has for this book. Set in Florida in the 60s in a community on Biscayne Bay where all of the houses are  literally on stilts. It’s the portrait of a marriage that fans of Annie Dillard might find appealing. Check out Susanna Daniel’s website for pictures of the community.

Russian Winter – Daphne Kalotay

This is probably my favorite pick from the presentation. An aging Russian ballerina  relocated to Boston  is auctioning off her jewelry collection. As she goes through the pieces, she recalls her life in an arts community in Russia during Stalin’s reign. Described as “like chocolate,” it has jewelry, ballet and literary suspense.

Meet Daphne Kalotay as she discusses this book at the library on October 6 at 7:00pm

Little Princes – Conor Grennan

For fans of Three Cups of Tea.  After working for a while at an orphanage in Nepal, Grennan and his colleagues realized that the children there weren’t actually orphans. Grennan started the organization Next Generation Nepal in order to help reunite the children with their families.

Mysteries and Thrillers

HarperCollins has several upcoming books in this category that look great. We got a sneak peek of Moonlight Mile at a reading by Dennis Lehane. Fans of Kenzie and Gennaro won’t be disappointed.

Id’ Know You Anywhere – Laura Lippman Impartial Witness – Charles Todd Man in the Woods – Scott Spencer Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter – Tom Franklin
Moonlight Mile – Dennis Lehane

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