Man With the Golden Torc – Simon Green

golden_torc.jpgThis is the first Simon Green book I’ve read and I thought it was absolutely brilliant! Being a huge fan since childhood of the original James Bond books, I was a little hesitant about trying a book that borrowed so liberally from that series, but Green’s wonderful writing and irreverent humor completely won me over. Eddie Drood (think Druids), otherwise known as Shaman Bond, is a member of the all powerful Drood family. They have been all that’s stood between a multitude of evil factions and saving the world for centuries. At least that’s what Eddie has been taught since childhood. Now, for no apparent reason, Eddie’s been declared a rogue by those who he loves and respects, and finds himself allied with people and creatures that he’s always considered enemies. Even worse, he discovers that the Droods are not the benevolent agents for good that he thought. They are hiding an enormous and dangerous secret that Eddie is determined to bring out into the light of day even if it means destroying everything and everyone who are near and dear to him. Eddie is a likeable character who is cocky yet insecure. The book itself displays a combination of James Bond technology and incredible magical objects and beings. While horrible things are played out through the story, I also found myself laughing out loud in parts. I can’t wait for the next book: “Daemons Are Forever” to come out next June!

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