Silver Master (Ghost Hunters, Book 4), by Jayne Castle

silver_master.JPGSilver Master tell the story of matchmaker Celinda Ingram and security specialist Davis Oakes. They’re both psychics (as is just about everyone on the planet Harmony), and they are trying to figure out the mystery behind what looks like a red plastic knob which Celinda’s dust bunny Ariminta pestered her into buying but is in actuality something far more ancient and powerful. Like the other Ghost Hunter books the author manages to mix suspense with humor in a satisfying way. I also like that she manages to drop in references to the Arcane Society which she writes about extensively in her historical fiction series and her contemporary ones. And I absolutely LOVED the dust bunnies! They were absolutely adorable and they added to the story rather than distracted from it. One word of warning: while each book in this series could be read as a stand alone, I think they make much more sense and are more enjoyable if you read them in order.

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