From NPR: 3 More Summer Reading Lists

First up is “Nancy Pearl Presents 10 Terrific Summer Reads“:

“My office (a spare bedroom in my house) is strewn with books that I’ve gotten for possible review. There are books on the bookshelves, books more or less arranged on the floor and other books stacked high, waiting to be shelved. I probably start 15 books for every book I finish. When I’m ready for my next good read, I look for a book (fiction or nonfiction) with a strong narrative voice, wonderfully drawn characters and writing that makes me stop and savor the words the author has written — all of which are present in these 10 terrific books.”

Pearl has a little bit of everything on her list; check it out here.

Next up: “Three Critics Pick The Best Books For Summer“:

Photo Credit: Chris Silas Neal

“There are a couple of ways to approach summer reading. You can think of the long, hot days as the perfect time to kick back with an exciting plot-driven thriller by Stieg Larsson. Or you might feel that summer’s leisurely pace gives you the space you need to take on a more challenging material. (Moby Dick anyone?) What it all boils down to is simple really: What you want in the summer — or anytime of year for that matter — is a good book. To that end, I spoke with three critics — Laura Miller reviewer for, Ron Charles fiction critic for The Washington Post and freelance reviewer Rigoberto Gonzalez — about their summer book recommendations. They came up with a list that should appeal to anyone’s taste.”

You’ll find the critic’s summer reading picks here.

And finally: “Dive Into Fiction: Five Picks From Alan Cheuse“:

“It’s summertime, that time out of time, when the heat, the air and the stillness at certain good times of day make for easy reading. With a little luck and perseverance you might carve out some hours to keep company with some new books.

Whether you approach summer reading as a picnic, barbecue, smorgasbord, buffet or sit-down dinner, these books will leave you hungry for more — in the best sense of the words.”

Which books will leave you hungry for more? Check out the list here.

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