The Passage – Justin Cronin

Reviewed by Kim

What would happen if the scientific community and the military got together and created a virus which essentially turned people into vampires? This is the basic premise of Justin Cronin’s third novel. Predictably, the origin of the virus has so much potential. A vampire bat virus which could make humans immortal and indestructible? Of course things don’t turn out as planned and as always when human beings choose to play God, catastrophic events quickly follow. That’s where any similarities to other books and movies who have covered this type of theme ends. The Passage takes it’s readers on an epic journey from the very first days of the virus to the aftermath and survivors. Tying everything together is one six-year-old girl who holds the key to humanity’s survival. Be warned: these vampires are the stuff of nightmares. Hairless, and insectile, they repel yet also deserve no small measure of empathy. The human survivors are also fascinating. Some showing incredible feats of courage, tenderness and ingenuity even though they’re not much older than children, and others of course having their own secret agendas. And then there’s Amy. The girl who holds the future in her hands. How is it that she’s able to communicate with the creatures? How can she be over a hundred years old yet look like a teenager? Most importantly, what mystical ability does she have which allows her to to basically become an antidote to the “Virals” powers and will she indeed be able to save the world? The Passage will draw you in from the very first page and will not let you go until long after you finish. It is a triumphant beginning to what will be a trilogy and is under development by director Ridley Scott. One more word of caution: this is not a book that you can breeze through quickly. Rather it’s one which should be read slowly and savored lest the reader miss one of the pieces which form this uniquely exquisite puzzle.

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