The Sea Captain’s Wife by Martha Hodes

hodespl.gifIf you enjoy history, and can snag a copy of this popular read, do so immediately! Award winning historian Hodes does a masterful job of recreating the life of a woman, Eunice Stone Connolly, in the 19th century through her letters to her family before during and after the American Civil War. Connolly was rendered invisible to almost all her Yankee descendants until Hodes resurrects her after finding some of her letters in a collection of manuscript papers at Duke University. The transgression that yielded her such a fate? After struggling to support herself and her children in the absence of her n’er-do-well husband who dies fighting for the Confederacy, Eunice Stone falls in love with a “man of color”. A well-to-do sea captain, Capt. Connolly marries her and transports Eunice and her children to beautiful Grand Cayman Islands for a brief idyll. Local readers will recognize Lowell and environs of Southern New Hampshire in this moving story.Check it out!

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  1. Can’t believe I missed this. I love historical fiction as well as tales of the sea. I look forward to reading.

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