Demon Night ~ Meljean Brook

demon_night.jpgCharlie Newcomb was plagued by addiction until a car crash cost her the one thing that she had always counted on: the ability to sing. Scarred by her past, she sets out to deny the dependency that had dogged her steps for so long, and had finally settled into a routine. One that came to a screeching halt when a group of vampires invaded her life, thrusting her into the care of Guardian Ethan McCabe.

At the time of his resurrection as a Guardian, Ethan “Drifter” McCabe was charged to protect humanity from vampires and demons who would see free will manipulated for their own gains. When Charlie is attacked by a group of vampires intent on using her to get to her scientist sister, Ethan steps in, risking his existence to keep her safe.

Demon Night is the fifth book in Brook’s Guardian series, but it stands very well on its own, and I would urge you to pick it up as such. The established world building of Guardians, demons, and their ilk is solid and thorough {and if you run into problems you can always refer to the primer on Brook’s website.} But what really makes this novel a standout in the paranormal/urban fantasy romance genre is Ethan. Downright sexy and sweet, Ethan is a blend of Beacon Hill refinement and old west grit; he is, in fact, one of the most sigh-worthy heroes I’ve run into in a good long time.

Fact is, I’ve just finished it and I can’t wait to read it again.

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