Biting the Bullet ~ Jennifer Rardin

biting_the_bullet.jpgThis is a mission unlike anything my vampire boss, Vayl, and I have ever been on. It’s not our usual take them out and run; it’s an undercover mission that needs the whole gang: a psychic, an interpreter, and a weapons specialist. We’re joining a Special Ops team to nail the Wizard, a major terrorist thorn in the military’s side. We’ve never gone in with such heavy artillery before, but the more the merrier, right? Um . . . nope. At least not since Vayl and I learned part of our job is to ferret out a mole concealed in our unit.

To add to our problems, we’re being harried by a pack of reavers bent on revenge, and targeted by a Seer who wants to share Vayl’s power – at any cost. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the army of demonic, soul-sucking parasites either. This is going to be a blast.

Everyone watch out: Cole has run out of bubblegum! Playing the interpreter’s role in Tehran for Jaz and Vayl, Cole has no way of getting more, and he’s reverted to the most primitive sort of entertainment imaginable: Camel tipping.

If that doesn’t make you want to run to the library to pick up this book, I’m not sure what will, folks. But just in case you want a little more incentive…

Biting the Bullet is the third installment in the Jaz Parks series {after Once Bitten, Twice Shy and Another One Bites the Dust} and it packs a wallop. Jaz not only has to deal with literal demons, she has to contend with quite a few personal ones, as well. And so this time around the story is a bit darker. No worries, though, Cole provides lots of comic relief, and there is so much intrigue that you’ll barely blink in between pages.

This series is fantastic; I really can’t say enough about it. I mean – c’mon – camel tipping? You know you want to read it! 🙂

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