The Night Huntress Series ~ Jeaniene Frost

Cat Crawford is something of an anomaly: she is both human and vampire. Due to the circumstance of her birth and spurned on by her mother’s rage at the vampire community, Cat becomes a hunter, tracking down vampires and making sure that their next afterlife is of the permanent variety. She excels at her chosen profession until she encounters a master vampire who has plans of his own for the half-breed.

Halfway to the Grave – Book One in the Night Huntress Series

In Halfway to the Grave, we meet Cat; barely into her twenties, she hasn’t led an easy life, thanks in part to her mother, and she’s doing the best she can to survive. A vampire kill gone wrong leads her to Bones, a master vampire who promises to train her, making her job of slaying vampires that much easier. It’s a deal that she can’t resist and what starts out as a promising if somewhat shaky partnership leads to more than either could have imagined.

Truthfully, it took me a little bit to get into the first novel of this series. Bones, whom I’ve come to love, is British and the use of slang is liberal and at times a detriment to the story. Once I got over my aversion to the continuous use of certain words – sod, for example – I found that the story was fast-paced, the action was tight and well plotted, and that I most definitely wanted more.

One Foot in the Grave – Book Two in the Night Huntress Series

I’m not going to outline the plot of One Foot in the Grave because to do so without including spoilers would be near to impossible. What I can say, however, is that I enjoyed this one even more than the first, and that all of the characters are back and more thoroughly developed. Frost is taking this series in all the right directions and the wait until the Jan. ’09 release of book three, At Grave’s End , is going to be too long for my liking. As it is, I’ve already reread sections of both, and troll Frost’s website on a daily basis looking for an excerpt (or synopsis, at least) of the next book.

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