Circulation Policy

Peabody Institute Library of Danvers

General Overview
The Peabody Institute Library strives to provide fair and equitable access to library resources for all its patrons. The purpose of these policies is to ensure that every patron has an equal opportunity to benefit from the library’s collections.

Library Cards

The primary tool for borrowing circulating materials, accessing online library databases, placing holds, and using in library computer workstations is the library card.

Who Can Get One?
Anyone. All current residents of Danvers are encouraged to obtain a library card from the Peabody Institute Library of Danvers. Massachusetts residents who live in communities that are part of the NOBLE library network are encouraged to obtain a library card from their home libraries. Everyone is eligible to receive a library card from the Peabody Institute Library of Danvers, however some resources are only available to Danvers residents.

What Is Needed?
A current valid photo ID showing name and legal residence is required to receive a library card. Children lacking photo ID may have a parent or guardian with valid ID fill out the application on their behalf. Applicants lacking an ID that shows their current address may supplement that information with a mailed utility bill, bank statement, or check that lists said address. New residents who lack updated proof of address may request a mailed postcard for address validation.

What Does A Card Get You?
A valid library card grants the patron borrowing privileges to circulating collections at both the Peabody Institute Library of Danvers and all NOBLE member libraries, access to online library resources (depending on place of residence), use of in-library computer workstations, museum passes, and the ability to request materials via interlibrary loan.

Obligations to the Library
Upon accepting a library card, the patron agrees to responsibility for all materials borrowed on that card, including any fines, fees, or charges. The patron also agrees to notify library staff if the card is lost, stolen, or if the patron changes address. Patrons should not let others use their card.

Circulation Policy, Peabody Institute Library

Obligations to the Patron
The Peabody Institute Library of Danvers is obligated by law (MGLA Ch.78, Sec.7) to maintain the patron’s privacy. Library staff will not discuss details such as borrowing history, account addresses, and contact information over the phone. In the event that law enforcement representatives present a valid subpoena or search warrant, library staff will only provide the specific information requested. Please note that this means the library cannot reveal to parents the titles of materials their children have checked out. Parents wishing to monitor their children’s reading habits should take an active role in their child’s material selection.


How to Borrow
To borrow physical materials from the library, such as books, CDs, or DVDs, simply present both the materials and a valid library card at either of the library’s two circulation desks. To borrow materials, a patron must be in good standing – no long overdue items or have $5.00 or more in fines and fees on their account.

Loan Periods and Fines

Patrons should be aware of due dates for borrowed items.

Item Loan Period Overdue Fines
NEW Fiction
Older Fiction
Museum Passes
Playaway View
ComCat Items
Interlibrary Loan Items
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks
2  weeks
2 weeks
1 day
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks
3 weeks
3 weeks
$ .10 per day
$ .10 per day
$ .10 per day
$ .10 per day
$ .10 per day
$ 3.00 per day
$ .10 per day
$ .10 per day
$ .10 per day
$ .50 per day
Whatever the lending library charges

Borrowing Materials Owned By Other Libraries
Materials owned by other libraries may have different loan periods, number of potential renewals, and overdue fee schedules than those owned by the Peabody Institute of Danvers.

Circulation Policy, Peabody Institute Library

Borrowing Without Card
Registered patrons lacking their physical library card may borrow materials provided they have a valid photo ID whose current address matches the address the library has on file. Children lacking their library card will need an adult present with valid photo ID. If the library’s computers are not working, then only patrons with library cards may borrow materials.

Card Replacement
Patrons should replace lost cards in order to prevent unauthorized use of the card by a third party. A replacement card costs $1.00 at the main circulation desk.

All patron accounts include a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for use on the library’s website. With a PIN, patrons may renew items, order items from other libraries, and place items on hold all from home. Forgotten PINs may be reset online if an email address is on file or in person at the library with a valid photo ID. PINs may not be reset over the phone.

Patrons may renew items up to their renewal limit provided no other patron has placed a hold on the item. Renewals may be done in person at the library, online, or via the phone. When calling, patrons should have the material to be renewed or their library card available. Patrons in good standing who wish to keep an item belonging to the Peabody Institute of Danvers but lack further renewals may do so upon physically bringing the item back to the library. The material will be checked in and, provided no other patron has requested it, checked out again immediately.

Overdue Materials
Patrons with materials kept past their due dates will be charged a late fine. The maximum late fine that may be assessed a patron is $5.00 individual per item. Note that this is in addition to any fees for replacing lost, damaged, or long overdue materials.

Long Overdue Materials
Patrons should return materials on time. As a courtesy, library staff attempts to contact patrons with late and overdue materials. Failure to receive these notices does not remove the responsibility of the patron to return overdue items. Upon the mailing of the third overdue notice, all patron borrowing privileges are immediately suspended.

Any damage beyond normal wear and tear to an item is the responsibility of the patron who borrowed it. Patrons who notice damage to an item before borrowing it (loose binding, ripped pages, etc.), should bring it to library staff attention so that they will not be held accountable for it. Library staff will inform the patron of the cost of repairing or replacing damaged materials.

Circulation Policy, Peabody Institute Library

Lost or missing materials should be reported immediately to the library in order to prevent additional late fees being applied in addition to the replacement cost for the items.


Where can I return materials?
Borrowed materials may be returned inside the library at either the Children’s Circulation Desk or the Main Circulation Desk. Additionally, there are two book drops outside the library. The library also accepts any material owned by NOBLE member libraries. Likewise, Danvers material may be returned to any NOBLE library without risk of additional late fees. The library can accept materials belonging to libraries outside the NOBLE network, but the patron may still be responsible for any late fees the items incur while in transit.

Paying Fines/Late Fees
All fines and fees related to materials owned by the Peabody Institute of Danvers or NOBLE member libraries may be paid in person at the library. Currently, the library only accepts cash or check. Checks for replacement materials should be made out to the owning library.

Claimed Returned
When a patron claims an item still on their account was returned, library staff performs a search for it. If the item is discovered, then it will be checked in and all fines associated with it will be cleared. If the item is not found, the patron is still responsible for replacing the item. If the patron insists that they returned the missing item, library staff will mark it ‘Claims Returned.’ Patrons with multiple instances of Claimed Returned materials on their account lose their good standing status and borrowing privileges. The library recommends patrons check their account status online frequently. Also, library staff can print an itemized list of all materials borrowed on a patron’s account upon request.

Lost, Found
If a patron discovers a lost item within six months of paying for its replacement, they may return it along with the payment receipt to the library for a refund of the replacement cost. Late fees will not be refunded.

Reserving, Ordering, and Holds
Circulation Policy, Peabody Institute Library

Reserving Materials Owned by the Library
Patrons may reserve material to be held for them at the library. A patron must be in good standing and have a valid library card to do so. Such holds can be placed online, over the phone, or in person at the library. Library staff routinely gather held materials from the library’s collections throughout the day. Materials on the hold shelf are unable to be borrowed by any patron other than the one who requested the hold.

Ordering Materials in the NOBLE network
Materials owned by NOBLE member libraries may be reserved just as those owned by the Peabody Institute of Danvers. It may take anywhere from two to four days for material to arrive at the library if there is no waiting list for the item.

Ordering Materials from Libraries Outside NOBLE
Materials from libraries outside of NOBLE may be ordered via the Virtual Catalog.

The library notifies patrons with valid email addresses linked to their account automatically via email when a requested item is placed on the library hold shelf. Patrons preferring to be notified via the telephone may request that option.

Hold Duration
Materials are held under the requestor’s name on the Hold Shelf for five business days. After that time, they are returned to their home library or shelving location.

Picking Up Items On Hold
Patrons collect their held items from the library’s main circulation desk. The library card used to reserve the material is required. Arrangements may be made for relatives or caregivers to pick up materials on hold if the requesting patron is unable to travel to the library in person.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees – September 10, 2014