Copy Machine

The primary function of Library photocopiers is to provide self-service facilities for making copies of library materials. These machines are also available for limited personal use. Patrons desiring multi-copies of individual sheets or numerous copies are encouraged to patronize area commercial photocopying facilities. This self-service is implemented to better serve the needs of our patrons, and to reserve staff time for direct library assistance.
In order to streamline operations and provide all patrons with equitable and fast service:

1. All copies will be produced using the coin operation at a cost of $.15 per copy

2. No double sided copying will be permitted.

3. Persons desiring to make over 10 copies at a time are requested to consider the needs of other persons waiting to make fewer copies.

4. Enlargements and reductions can be made on the first and second floor photocopiers. Patrons are advised that this can be a trial and error process.

5. The copy machine will be turned off PROMPTLY at closing.

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