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FLIP contributed by Richard

Here is a recipe that should help you get through the current viral crisis, and which is also historic and educational!  Take that tuna casserole!

-Pour into a large ceramic mug  Guinness Stout to fill it up  2/3rds.
-Next pour in a gill (two shots) of New England (not white) rum.
-Into a bowl mix 2 eggs, 1/2 pint of medium cream, and 1 cup of sugar until the mixing spoon stands straight up.
-Put 3 or 4 teaspoons full of the mix into the mug with the liquid.
-Go to the fireplace and take a previously inserted red hot loggerhead (or go to a gas stove top burner and heat up a metal rod) thrusting it around the liquid and creamy mix, stirring vigorously but gently.
-Enjoy the sizzling noise, spurting cream, and burnt smell. Take out the iron and drink immediately, as lukewarm liquid will taste lousy.

You are tasting history!   This is a version of what was known as “FLIP,” a popular tavern drink beginning in the 1690s,  and indulged in by our Revolutionary War forefathers.

Back in the 1970s  Ethel and I used to have a Christmas Eve get together, and I would make Fip for the more adventurous guests. It has a great taste when imbibed warm, and was  originally served in 16-20 oz decorative glasses.

Each gulp gave you about 1,000 calories, and drinking three or more made you recall its nickname – “The Great Headache.”