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Funfetti Cake contributed by Rachel

Today I procrastinated the six batches of koulourakia I’m making for Easter by making a funfetti cake. (On top of hosting Easter, my grandmother used to make each of her four children who lived in MA a loaf of tsoureki and a gallon-sized bag of koulourakia for Easter so we could enjoy them that morning… before decamping to her house and having more tsoureki and koulourakia at dinner.  My mum and I usually make the tsoureki and koulourakia anyway, so why not channel the OG Yiayia this year?)

Anyway… if you would also like to procrastinate, you’ll need:

-box vanilla cake (or scratch, you do you) + 1c rainbow sprinkles
-your choice frosting (I made Hershey’s ‘Perfectly Chocolate Frosting‘ because the baking aisle at Shaw’s was ransacked )