Patron Review: Desperate – Daniel Palmer

desperateReviewed by Kim

Gage Dekker, who has lost his wife and young son in a car accident, meets Anna Miller, who has also lost a child at a grief group, and marry within the year. After a miscarriage, Anna can’t bear to try again so they decide to adopt. Conveniently they stumble upon Lily who just happens to be pregnant and would love for them to be her baby’s parents. And that’s when things really start to go wrong for Gage. When I finished this book my first thoughts were that it was so contrived, it was impossible that what took place could really happen. There was just no way I could give this book a good review. Then a few things occurred to me. I finished the book in just under three hours. I had to keep reading to find out what was coming next. Second, were the events really that outlandish? Things like Catfishing, corporate espionage, and adoption scams all occur quite frequently. With this book, Daniel Palmer has managed to take three different illegal atrocities that happen all too frequently, and spin a web that bring them all together. The characters were interesting, even the villains, and helped to keep the plot moving at a breakneck speed. I would highly recommend this to fans of mysteries and thrillers.

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