Jen Recommends (II)


Gone With a Handsomer Man – Michael Lee West

Betrayed, arrested for assault with a dangerous Georgia peach, and framed for her fiance’s murder, Teeny Templeton’s battle to clear her name features a host of oddballs, Southern charm and poisonous recipes!

[One of our patrons also enjoyed this title; read her review here.]

The Easy Way Out – Stephen McCauley

An amusing, eccentric collection of dysfunctional middle-class Bostonians depict the compromises couples make to keep a troubled relationship alive. Irreverent, funny and on the money about what stops us from making the changes in life that could make us happier.

Magnificent Vibration – Rick Springfield

Don’t be deterred by the rock star author. This is a thought-provoking and clever take on how the Almighty actually runs the universe. God’s cell number, the Loch Ness monster and a conclusion that is dire and somehow hilarious are just some of the madness that makes Rick Springfield’s debut novel (the first of a trilogy) a great ride!

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