Ari Reviews: The Witches of New York – Ami McKay

If you are in the mood for something magical to read for the month of October, I recommend The Witches of New York by Ami McKay. Set in 1880’s New York, the author gives us a glimpse of the world of magic, realism, fantasy, and witchcraft. Beatrice Dunn, one of the main characters, is looking for a new beginning from her quiet life with her aunt. Beatrice discovers an advertisement posted by Adelaide Thom, who, along with Eleanor St. Clair, runs a tea shop in New York City. Beatrice makes the journey to the city and arrives late to the shop where she encounters a ghost who lets her into the closed shop. Eleanor finds Beatrice different from the other girls who applied for the position and chooses her to work in the shop. Beatrice will discover she has a gift from the ghostly encounter she had when arriving at the shop: She can communicate with the dead. She will also discover her true identity as a witch; Eleanor and Adelaide are also witches. The plot portrays the lives of the three witches, the struggles of women during the Victorian Era, and a crazed Reverend who tries to persecute one of the witches and others similar to them. McKay’s book kept me flipping through the pages and had me wondering what will happen next. I loved this book due to the amazing plot. It was truly a most enjoyable easy read.