Sarah Reviews: There’s Someone Inside Your House – Stephanie Perkins

Deep down, we like to believe that we’re safest when we’re tucked away inside of our homes with the doors and windows securely shut and locked and though this may be true for the reader, for Makani Young and her fellow students at Osborne High School this couldn’t be further from the truth. When the first murdered student is discovered, people are quick to blame the parents, or a stranger that just happened upon an empty house – someone who took the opportunity to commit a gruesome crime that rocks this small Nebraskan town. The town mourns, takes to the streets to find this killer, and even holds a candlelight vigil for the victim, all while assuming the worst has come and gone – until the killer strikes again.

Stephanie Perkins’ book There’s Someone Inside Your House keeps you on the edge of your seat as your mind tries to narrow down just who could be behind these bloody, grisly murders. Through her use of plot twists worthy of any truly gory slasher film and characters that aren’t as trustworthy as they seem, Perkins manages to keep the reader hooked until the very last words of the novel. Though Stephanie Perkins is more popularly known for her young adult romance novels, she has stepped into a new genre that she is well and truly suited for. If this novel is anything to go by, readers have much to look forward to with her future books.

So, if the spirit of Halloween has inspired you to read things on a spookier level, then lock your doors and windows, pull up a cozy blanket, and dim the lights before cracking open There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins.