Ari Reviews: Clash (Click # 4) – Kayla Miller

I came across this book at my other job while working in Tech Services and it caught my eye. I had to check this book out to read during the summer as one of my summer to read books. Clash focuses on two main characters in the story Olive and the new girl Natasha who comes to Olive’s town and sixth grade classroom. Natasha has an aura of being the cool kid and all the kids in Olive’s class want to get to know her and become friends. Olive attempts to get to know Natasha but comes across challenges in becoming friends with her and Natasha acts hot and cold towards Olive which makes Olive feel frustrated and determined to establish a friendship with her. When some of Olive’s friends start seeking out in spending more time with Natasha which makes Olive scared she is losing her friends and feels like she is not well liked anymore and not viewed as the “in crowd”.  I enjoyed reading this graphic novel and it portrays the themes of friendship, middle school, family, personal struggles, and various approaches on how to handle bullying. It also reflects a life lesson on how not everyone will be your friend or will like you but you can show kindness to one another while being in the same group of friends and so on.  I would recommend this book for middle school and up due to the themes that the book reflected through the story and overall it was a great book that many young preteens and older can relate to with friendships and trying to fit in as well in making friends. The author  did a great job with  the story and vibrant characters that helped the story flow and I could not put it down because I wanted to see what would happen next with the main characters and how the story would play out and if the two girls would end up being friends.