Alissa Reviews: A Little Hope – Ethan Joella

A Little Hope by Ethan Joella

A Little Hope is a beautifully written novel, with an unusual balance of joy and heartbreak. The book begins with a young family, Greg and his wife Freddie, and their young daughter Addie. Greg and Freddie are reeling from Greg’s recent diagnosis of multiple myeloma, and trying to keep things as smooth as possible for Addie. As the novel progresses, we meet the characters whose lives are all connected and woven together.

The book takes place in a small, fictional town in Connecticut. The town has an affluent and polished feeling, which disguises the anguish, disappointment, and trauma that so many characters are navigating. The friendships and bonds that the characters build, along with the grace and compassion they find for each other, keeps the book from feeling depressing. The author portrays the characters honestly and does not hide their flaws, and is able to highlight their kindness and the hope rather than their infidelities and losses. The characters are absolutely human, and none are untouched by heartbreak. They redefine family, as friends and neighbors are drawn to each other and support and care for each one another.