Ari Reviews: Cuphead, Volume 1: Comic Capers & Curios by Zack Keller

Cuphead, Volume 1: Comic Capers & Curios by Zack Keller

This graphic novel is a series of short stories and adventures of Cuphead and Mugman as they encounter old friends, enemies, shenanigans , thrills, and fun. The comics reflect the vintage animation of the popular video and computer game of Cuphead. The illustrations are amazing and perfect that reflect the animation and cartoon styles of the 1930’s. I also love how some of the characters reflect cartoon characters from the classic cartoons from the Golden Age of Hollywood animation I grew up watching in my childhood and now as an adult as well. I love reading graphic novels and this one was such a wonderful read and had me laughing throughout the many adventures Cuphead and Mugman experienced. It was such a fun and hilarious book.  This book would be perfect for anyone who loves graphic novels, a relaxing and easy read, the game Cuphead, classic cartoons, witty humor, and adventure stories.