The Last Olympian – Rick Riordan

last_olympianI have to confess I put off reading this last (sob) book in the Percy Jackson series for about a week and a half because I just couldn’t stand to see it end. When I picked it up, I tried to read it as slowly as possible in order to savor each scene, but that of course didn’t work. I read it in a day. Without posting any spoilers let me just say that Rick Riordan really knows how to wrap up a series with a blockbuster finish. “The Last Olympian” is the best book out of the five and fans will not be disappointed. All questions are answered, and the prophecy is resolved, although not in the way which you may have expected. The action starts on the very first page and doesn’t let up until the end. Yes, some well loved characters die, but their sacrifice is not in vain. For adults who have not read this fantastic series, if you love Greek mythology, you will love these books. One word of advice for fans who are already suffering from Percy withdrawal (although, don’t forget the movie version of “The Lightning Thief” will be coming out in February 2010), make sure you read the afterward. There’s a nice surprise disclosed.

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