Total Eclipse – Rachel Caine

Total Eclipse is the last book in Rachel Caine’s phenomenal Weather Warden series. As the book opens, the wardens and the djinns have all lost their powers and Mother Nature is on the warpath. Things have never been so dire. Joanne and David have also had their powers stripped and are helpless as they watch the other djinn fade away and Mother Nature is hitting every continent with storms, wildlife attacks, fires, etc. I’m going to try to keep this as spoiler free as possible so I’ll try not to go into too much plot detail. Let me just say that heart-wrenching
sacrifices are made and the book does not end with your typical happy ending. That said, I thought it was brilliant! While I was upset that the series is coming to an end, Rachel Caine ties everything up without sacrificing character or plot development. It’s an incredibly fast read. I devoured it in one day! I would highly recommend this series as a whole to any fan of urban fantasy, especially with it’s unique departure from vampires and werewolves. Just make sure you read it in order. While the author does include a brief explanation in each book of events from the previous books, it would still be very confusing if you began with say Total Eclipse. 5 Stars!

Reviewed by Kim (kimb8)

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