Unholy Birth, by Andrew Neiderman

After much arguing, Kate talks her life partner Willy into having a baby by way of artificial insemination. To Kate’s surprise, she is contacted personally by a mysterious company who offers their services. After the first try, even though Kate is told she is not pregnant, she starts experiencing the symptoms of a mother in her third trimester. Unfortunately no one believes her including Willy. For me, this wasn’t one of Mr. Neiderman’s best efforts. The only character I found likeable was Kate who is stuck battling her feelings of knowing something is wrong, and doubting her own sanity. I couldn’t stand Willy. I found her arrogant, sarcastic, selfish, and completely unsupportive of the woman she supposedly loves. Also, I found it hard to believe that Kate would not have gone to her previous Dr. with her concerns and suspicions before she did. That said, I found the plot itself fairly interesting with quite a few twists and turns.

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