Divine By Blood (Parthelon Novels) by P.C. Cast

Have you ever read the glowing reviews of a book, yet when you read it you hated it and found yourself wondering what was wrong with you? Well, that’s how Divine By Blood made me feel. It’s the last book in the trilogy (first are Divine By Mistake and Divine By Choice). I loved the first two so much I couldn’t wait for this last one. It features Rhiannon’s daughter Morrigan. If you’ve read the books you’ll know that Rhiannon used to be the Chosen One of the Goddess Epona in an alternate world called Parthelon. Then she unfortunately turned evil, tricked a school teacher named Shannon Parker from Oklahoma into taking her place in Parthelon while she proceeded to wreck havoc in our world. The great thing about the first two books were the wonderful characters. Even though there were some horrible events which unfolded, they were balanced with laugh out loud moments. In this book, there was none of that. While the plot moves briskly enough, I found myself unable to connect to any of the characters, especially those of Morrigan and Keegan her High Shaman soulmate. I found them both self involved and immature, and by the end of the book I can honestly say that I didn’t really care what happened to either one of them. It’s a shame really. I would have liked the trilogy to end on a high note. That said, P.C. Cast still remains one of my favorite writers, and if you haven’t read Divine By Mistake and Divine By Choice, I highly recommend them!

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