Third Grave Dead Ahead – Darynda Jones

Reviewed by Kim

Charley Davidson is back! Along with “Danger” and “Will Robinson”, and of course her trusty sidekick and best friend Cookie. In this third installment of the series, Charley is hired to find a missing wife of a suspicious yet seemingly perfect Doctor, and has to take on motorcycle gang and their rottweiler Artemis. On top of this she’s forced to drink coffee non-stop because every time she closes her eyes Reyes, aka the gorgeous son of Satan, appears and it seems he’s still holding a teensy grudge against her for binding his spirit to his physical body even though it was for his own protection. Will Charley be able to find the missing wife in time? Even more importantly will she be able to unbind Reyes before all the natural disasters that keep occurring because of his temper destroy the world?

Darynda’s third entry in the Grim reaper series is the best thus far. Darynda seems to be one of those authors that with each book, her series gets better and better. In Third Grave Dead Ahead, Charlie is at her sarcastic best. It looks like lack of sleep makes her even funnier than she usually is, and that’s really saying something! As usual, the story lines are great and somehow Darynda manages to juggle all three with great aplomb. The secondary characters are continue to be charismatic and they grow in this book as well as Charley. Humor aside, there are some very emotional moments in this book. Charley is definitely stronger and coming into her own, but Reyes tells her she still isn’t using her full powers. There’s also a big twist at the end, and a betrayal you don’t see coming. That said there are only two complaints I have. Darynda: Can you please, please, please write faster? I can’t wait for Fourth Grave Under My Feet! And can you please make your books longer? They just end too soon!

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