Death of Kings ~ Bernard Cornwell

Reviewed by Alan

Death of Kings continues the story of Uhtred, this time through the tumultous years which followed the death of Alfred the Great as two men struggle to inherit the crown of Wessex. Uhtred has to contend with betrayal, treachery and the largest army the Danes have yet assembled to conquer Wess to . . . all brought to a climax in a winter battle fought in the fens of East Anglia. (

Cornwell’s latest installment in the Alfred series takes us from the last days of Alfred the Great to the coronation of his son, Edward. The author gives the reader his usual share of twists and turns as conflicting loyalties and inexorable (and inscrutable) fate weave an absorbing tale. While Cornwell’s Sharpe series is more well-known, perhaps, he seems at his best when chronicling the tales of the fictional Uhtred of Bebbanberg and the birth of the English nation.. This is an extremely satisfying read in a delightful historical fiction series.

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