Patron Review: The Christmas Journal by Katherine Valentine

The Christmas Journal is sure to be a Holiday winner. When it comes to writing about wholesome, small town USA that makes readers want to pack their bags and move there, none does it better than Award Winning author, Katherine Valentine. Her newest book, The Christmas Journal set in fictional Crutcher Pike, Kentucky is certain to strike a chord in all of those saddened by the commercialism that has seeped into the holiday season.

The Christmas Journal begins with high school teacher, Bob Parson who has just discovered that all mention of his favorite season, Christmas has been banned by the school board. This coupled by his students display of seal-absorbed behavior, makes Parson decide to disguise the lost meaning of Christmas through a civics project that will have far greater impact than he could ever have imagined.

As with all of Valentine’s novels, readers will come away wishing that they, too, lived in this fictional town. The Christmas Journal is a perfect gift and feel-good read just in time for the Christmas holidays.

The Christmas Journal is Valentine’s 8th inspirational novel, many which have won awards. She has written for Doubleday, Penguin and Guideposts. She lives in Woodbury, Ct.

-Reviewed by Marie
{This title is currently only available as a Kindle eBook for purchase.}

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