Silent in the Sanctuary ~ Deanna Raybourn

silent_sanctuary.jpgFresh from a six-month sojourn in Italy, Lady Julia returns home to Sussex to find her father’s estate crowded with family and friends— but dark deeds are afoot at the deconsecrated abbey, and a murderer roams the ancient cloisters.

Much to her surprise, the one man she had hoped to forget—the enigmatic and compelling Nicholas Brisbane—is among her father’s houseguests… and he is not alone. Not to be outdone, Julia shows him that two can play at flirtation and promptly introduces him to her devoted, younger, titled Italian count.

But the homecoming celebrations quickly take a ghastly turn when one of the guests is found brutally murdered in the chapel, and a member of Lady Julia’s own family confesses to the crime. Certain of her cousin’s innocence, Lady Julia resumes her unlikely and deliciously intriguing partnership with Nicholas Brisbane, setting out to unravel a tangle of deceit before the killer can strike again. When a sudden snowstorm blankets the abbey like a shroud, it falls to Lady Julia and Nicholas Brisbane to answer the shriek of murder most foul.

Since last we met over Lady Julia and Brisbane I have discovered that Deanna Raybourn is a gorgeous woman with delightful taste in shoes. What bearing does that have on my review? None, actually, it’s just that I wanted to plug her blog, which is fantastic and has become a daily reading must for yours truly. You never know what you’ll find there: a cadaver calculator {surprisingly fun}, shopping links {trouble, trouble}, or the knowledge that she’d take a bullet for a cup of tea {ah, but what kind?! Are we talking a smoky Lapsang or a mellow Ceylon? It totally makes a difference.} So, when you have a few spare moments – after you’ve read Silent in the Sanctuary, of course – go check it out. Here’s the link.

In a manner of speaking I was lucky; I didn’t get to read Silent in the Grave, the first book in the Lady Julia Grey mystery series, until the week before the release of Silent in the Sanctuary. And while Grave definitely delivered, Sanctuary took things to a whole new level. I couldn’t stop reading and ended up polishing it off in about a day. {And I’ve since plagued kimb8 to read it so that we can discuss. I know you’re reading this kimb8 – get to it! 🙂 }

The characters continue to progress and the new additions are fantastic; I’ve yet to meet a member of Lady Julia’s family that I wouldn’t enjoy sitting down with were they real. Plus, this one is just as tightly crafted; if anything, there are even more twists to spice things up.

I don’t want to say too much because the joy is truly in the reading, but if you have read them – or do so in the future – stop by! I’d love to talk about this wonderful new series!

3 thoughts on “Silent in the Sanctuary ~ Deanna Raybourn

  1. I enjoyed both novels as well and I enjoy dropping in on the author’s blog as well! She seems like a fun person and that certainly comes through in the character of Lady Julia.

  2. Well, inkonvellum will be very happy that I was finally able to squeeze Silent in the Sanctuary into my overfilled reading schedule, and boy was she spot on with her enthusiasm. As wonderful as Silent in the Grave is, its sequel is indeed even better. In this, you get to see more of Lady Julia’s extensive family, including her charming if rather eccentric brothers Lysander and Plum. The relationship between Brisbane and Julia remains extremely complicated and I have to admit that in this book there were times that I cheerfully wanted to strangle Brisbane, even though I understood the motivations behind his actions. I also must join inkonvellum in encouraging fans to check out Deanna Raybourn’s blog. It is truly wonderful and constantly filled with amusing surprises. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed myself more on a blog. Now all that is left for me to do is to buy myself a lovely pair of maribou slippers (if this doesn’t make sense, you haven’t read Deanna’s blog) so I can read read the next book in the series in style.

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