Pop-Up Sunflower Craft with Miss Annie (8/19/2020)

To make your pop-up sunflower, you’ll need…

– colored paper (yellow, green, and a third color)
– a paper bag
– scissors
– a stapler
– glue
– tape

1) Take your yellow paper and cut out 8 strips of paper. These will become the pop-up petals of the flower. For each of the 8 strips, take the two ends and put them together and tape them to stay in that shape. It will make a raindrop shape. Put the 8 pop-up petals together in a flower shape and staple them together in the middle.

2)  Now cut out a circle from your brown paper bag. This will be the center of the flower. You can use a
marker or crayon to draw in seeds if you’d like! Glue this circle to the center of the pop-up petals.

3) Cut a thin strip of green paper to be the stem and tape it onto the back of the pop-up petals. Cut out 2
leaves and tape them onto either side of the stem.

4)  Now take your third piece of paper. I picked blue because it reminded me of the sky. Paste the flower and
stem onto that piece of paper. I taped the stem down at the very bottom of the page after gluing the top
part of the flower. Bend the leaves upward so they pop-up like the petals.

5)   You can leave your flower like this or you can add some flat petals as well. Cut out petal shapes from the
yellow paper and glue them in between the pop-up petals. Your flower will look big and have different
types of petals this way. Enjoy your sunny sunflower!