Patron Review: Concealed In Death – J.D. Robb

concealed in deathReviewed by Kim

I hate to say this but Concealed in Death was the first book in the series I didn’t buy, but instead borrowed from my library. After reading it I feel I made the right choice. The last few books seem to be a little off to me, whether they’re things like the changing of where the button came from that Roarke constantly carries in his pocket, or Peabody’s sudden channeling of Eve, and swearing up a storm. Even Eve and Roarke’s relationship doesn’t seem quite as passionate, and the barbs that she and Summerset exchange that are usually so enjoyable have definitely lost their sting. That said, I did enjoy the book. The plot was different and so was the villain. It wasn’t quite so stock in trade as in some of the previous books. You don’t see a lot of your favorite secondary characters. I particularly missed McNab and Feeney, but Morris might have a new love interest, and Mavis brings in a unique twist to the story. So basically I’m a bit torn. I’m still enjoying the series enough to keep reading, just not enough to buy. Which is why I thank God for libraries!

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