Jen Recommends (IV)


Talking to Girls About Duran Duran – Rob Sheffield

Author Rob Sheffield riffs on the songs that saw him through the rapture, misery and bewilderment wanting to understand girls and pays tribute to tunes that captured some of his best moments. If you’re going to revisit
your youth, let Rob Sheffield be your guide. Nothing compares to him. BONUS: He’s from Boston, so look for a few Boston bands and area radio stations from that glorious decade!

The Gardner Heist – Ulrich Boser

Boser, a contributing editor at U.S. News and World Report, turned amateur sleuth after the death of a legendary independent fine arts claims adjuster, Harold Smith, who was haunted by the Gardner robbery. Boser carried on Smiths work, pursuing leads as varied as James Whitey Bulgers Boston mob and the IRA. Along the way, he visited felons—including the notorious art thief Myles Connor—and Bob Wittman, the FBIs only art theft undercover agent. Bosers rousing account of his years spent collecting clues large and small is entertaining enough to make readers almost forget that, after 24 years, the paintings have still not been found.

An Embarrassment of Mangoes – Amy Vanderhoof

Under the Tuscan Sun meets the wide-open sea…Steve and Ann Vanderhoof dropped everything and set course for the adventure of a lifetime when they packed up their belongings, put their careers on hold, rented out their home, and set sail for a two-year tour of the Caribbean. A detailed travelogue and an intimate portrait of self-discovery, this is a refreshing, soulful journey about rediscovering the things that really matter.

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