Sarah Reviews: DC Universe Rebirth: Wonder Woman Volume 1: The Lies

Written by: Greg Rucka
Illustrated by: Liam Sharp & Laura Martin

With the upcoming release of the superhero genre’s first female-led film, it is no surprise that many people are turning their attention to the Wonder Woman comic books. Wonder Woman’s rise to fame has been on a steady upswing since she first arrived on the scene in December of 1941. Her audience has witnessed the delivery of Wonder Woman in many forms, whether it is in print, in Lynda Carter’s television show, or in the more recent film of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the realm of comic books, Wonder Woman’s most recent appearance is in DC Universe Rebirth. “Wonder Woman Volume 1: The Lies” by Greg Rucka collects issues #1-11 (odds) and follows Diana Prince, better known to the world as Wonder Woman, on her journey to find the truth of how she was deceived and by who. Fans of Wonder Woman will not be disappointed as the comic takes the reader on a journey to find entrance into Themyscira and to reclaim the fleeting memories of a life she had once lived. As if that isn’t enticing enough, viewers are also treated to guest appearances by Cheetah, Diana’s former friend and current foe, as well as the handsome ‘dude-in-distress’, Steve Trevor.

“Wonder Woman Volume 1: The Lies” is a great read not only for lifetime fans of this superheroine, but also for curious readers who desire to know more about this Amazonian Princess prior to her feature film. This comic is well worth the read and leaves the audience craving the next volume. “Wonder Woman Volume 1: Year One” by Greg Rucka comes out on May 9th and collects issues #1-12 (evens).