Ari Reviews: A Hat for Mrs. Goldman – Michelle Edwards

The book tells the story of a woman named Mrs. Goldman who loves to knit hats for everyone in the neighborhood. Sophia is one of the neighbors who helps Mrs. Goldman out in making the pom-poms since she feels knitting is a hard task. Mrs. Goldman herself does not have a hat of her own because she is constantly knitting for others. Sophia decides she wants to make Mrs. Goldman a hat since she does not have one. Sophia struggles to knit and make the perfect hat for her but the stitches do not come out right and the hat she makes is lumpy. Sophia comes up with an idea to create Mrs. Goldman the perfect hat out of pom-poms that will be the most wonderful and unique one of all. The book is a perfect read for those who enjoy knitting and is a very sweet and heart-warming story that can teach young children about doing good things for others. I enjoyed reading this book in my one of my summer courses and would highly recommend this children’s book for all ages to enjoy and read!

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