Angelina Reviews: Leave Only Footprints – Conor Knighton

When Conor Knighton’s broken engagement catapulted him into longing for change he decided to visit every national park in the country from Acadia to Zion over the course of a single year. And what better way to mend a broken heart than to spend time surrounded by nature.

While visiting the national parks, throughout the book Knighton also visits some heavy topics and questions surrounding the parks such as climate change, and a lack of ethnic diversity within the hiking communities.

After finishing this book it made me want to visit many of the national parks myself, and I’ve definitely added a few of them to my own bucket list.

Conor has a great way of taking you along his trip with him while also adding enough history, and mystery to keep the reader captivated. I would recommend Leave Only Footprints to anyone who has the itch to travel and explore.