Angelina Recommends: Humans – Brandon Stanton

“Brandon Stanton created Humans of New York in 2010. What began as a photographic census of life in New York City, soon evolved into a storytelling phenomenon. A global audience of millions began following HONY daily. Over the next several years, Stanton broadened his lens to include people from across the world.

Traveling to more than forty countries, he conducted interviews across continents, borders, and language barriers. Humans is the definitive catalogue of these travels. The faces and locations will vary from page to page, but the stories will feel deeply familiar. Told with candor and intimacy, Humans will resonate with readers across the globe―providing a portrait of our shared experience.”

I enjoyed reading Brandon Stanton’s new book Humans as much as I enjoyed reading Humans of New York on social media.  It is a wonderful compilation of photography and storytelling that gives you a glimpse into the lives of strangers.  Some stories are sad but some are uplifting.  Stanton mentions in the book that at times he was nervous about taking the project to other countries with different views, religions, and cultures.  He thought the people in other countries would not be as open to the project as New Yorkers, but was pleasantly surprised to realize that they were, if not even more.  The book Humans is a very easy read and most stories are contained to one page so the reader can go at their own pace.  This book will definitely pull at your heart strings.