Ari Reviews: The Orphan of Cemetery Hill – Hester Fox

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a very haunting, magical, and spooky story.  Hester Fox did an amazing job in combining the spooky and gothic touch with the paranormal in this book.  The story takes place in 1840’s Boston, Massachusetts where two sisters Tabby and Alice escape from their relatives to seek refuge from them.  However, both sisters end up apart and Tabby finds her way in the unknown streets of Boston to a cemetery where Eli who is the caretaker takes her under his wing to care for.  Tabby has a unique gift where she can communicate with the departed that not a lot of people know about. One day when Tabby is working in the cemetery, she meets a young man named Caleb who is an engaged man and their romantic sparks between them.  When Caleb’s father passes away and is buried in the cemetery, his father’s body is taken away mysteriously where Tabby and Caleb will work together to solve what happened to his father’s body. Will Tabby and Caleb find out who took his father’s body? Will Tabby’s secret gift be revealed to Caleb and others she comes across? You will have to read more to find out! This was an excellent read and I could not put this one down and wanted to find out what will happen next in Tabby and Caleb’s journey.

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